Flandreau Cash Crops

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 — Letter to the Editor

by Pastor Dave Lillibridge
Big Sioux Baptist Church

Moody County Enterprise, Letters to Editor

Upon cash crops

We perhaps will never know if a group of people were discussing the need for a cash crop one day and the amazing plant marijuana was presented. Perhaps one of the attenders had brought brownies to share that day, since that person had just returned from a trip to Colorado. (A nice relative at the reunion gave a large batch to this person.) Perhaps, as the discussion continued, it was decided that a good source of income could be marijuana. “Pass the brownies,” was heard more than once. Later someone requested cheese curls. It was decided that a building only used seasonally could be converted to a greenhouse and parlor. Since the building was on a main road, that was even better. Never mind that a community in Colorado is overwhelmed by the odors from their pot greenhouse.

Never mind that the supposed clients would not be overly wealthy. Money of profit from the enterprise could be used for something good, like affordable, barrier-free housing. In essence, money would be recycled among the folks that couldn’t afford the expenses anyway. No one is against affordable housing, just not racketeered from one group that eventually is unable to care for themselves, due to substance abuse.
On paper, great sums of money seem to be generated from this cash crop. Legally, tribal lands are allowed to enter this “enterprise.” Jobs are created. More money is spread around. People, some, are happy.

Just because a thing is legal does not mean we should be involved. There is a morality of drug pushing that must be dealt with. All the arguments in the world do not outweigh the realities of the effects of marijuana impairment. Is this what we desire to do to those that “just want to have some fun?”

We do legislate against moral issues. Murder is wrong. We have laws against it. If tomorrow murder were to be legalized, would people engage therein because “It is legal now?” As an aside, this nation has allowed 1.6 million abortions within the last year. Is it the law of the land? Yes. Should we be involved with this? A thousand times no.

Perhaps the brownies need not be passed around the room. One person stood alone against the majority. More need to voice agreement with that wise person. Within the community there is a consensus that this is a wrong decision. No one has yet voiced agreement within my hearing. Unfortunately, contracts have been signed. In the long term, buying out the contract and canceling this endeavor may be expensive on the front end, but better for the community. Lives would be spared the impairment, loss of productivity, and other facets. Crime would not have an increased opportunity. If “every life matters,” and it does, do not do this to another human being. Everyone needs to live to their full potential. That cannot happen under the influence. We do not need to peddle more drugs.

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