Symbolic Gestures 1000

From the desk of Pastor Dave, Big Sioux Baptist, Flandreau, SD




When a person makes a symbolic gesture, there should be an understanding of the intent of the gesture as it relates to reality. Without that understanding, there is no personal ownership of the intent or the reality. The gesture, therefore, is empty except to those watching who approve of the gesture.

No one can know another’s mind or heart. To a certain extent, we rely on actions. It is true, “Actions speak louder than words.” Many times in the Old Testament prophets stated that people worshipped with actions and words, but their hearts were far from the Lord. The call was for repentance in an effort for hearts to be close to the Lord.

Some today would say the outward actions and words are sufficient, believing the symbolic gestures are of themselves adequate. As mentioned in previous posts, the presence of a wedding ring might or might not mean anything. There must be a reality, whether the symbol exists or not. Continue reading